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3 Resources to Help Gamblers Online

Whether you’re new to online gambling or a seasoned veteran, making use of available resources is important. By using tools and guides, you will be in a better position to play the games you love. Resources can help you maintain a bankroll and also safeguard you from the pitfalls of online gambling. In today’s post we’re going to detail three useful resources to use online.


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing blackjack or no limit Texas Hold’em, spreadsheets can be useful. We strongly recommend players use excel spreadsheets for bankroll management purposes. Nobody says it has to be a complex spreadsheet containing macros, just the simple facts are sufficient; duration of session, game played and amount won or lost. By detailing how you’ve done at your favourite online casino Singapore, you can make informed decisions in the future.

Tipster Blogs

With so many experts around the world, we are fortunate to be living in an age where gaining tips is easier. Many expert tipsters in sports betting and other games offer tips in their blogs. We suggest any sports bettors follow the prominent tipsters and take advantage. Naturally, you shouldn’t wager massive sums as even experts can be wrong. But by reading their recommendations you will have a better insight into recent games and be better placed to make profitable wagers.

Responsible Gambling

Our last recommendation is not a win rate related resource but a mental health one. Responsible gambling is an important issue. Its why most major sites dedicate huge swathes of their website to detailing the key aspects involved in responsible gambling. This ranges from stop losses to taking extended breaks. We advise bookmarking some of the important responsible gambling websites and visiting regularly to stay up to date on the best advice from authoritative parties who are committed to reducing problem gambling online.

There you have it, three resources to help gamblers have a more rewarding time online.
Image Source: Pixabay