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Online Gambling in UK on the rise

With the recent developments regarding this nasty virus that locked us in our homes, it is not surprising that all online businesses thrive while those that depend on human contact seem to be disappearing from sight. One of such businesses is online gambling, which increased by 50% as people search for casino slots or casino slots free more and more, and play their favourite games online as opposed to in a land-based casino.

There are growing concerns that this might be bad for nation’s health since more and more people are gambling. However, online gambling is one of the few remaining ways to relax and have some fun, as most others depend on being in proximity with other humans, which now a big no-no.

FOBTs are no more, as land-based gambling has all but evaporated. Players who used to play them have all flocked online to find a similar machine to play.

Most players who go online to gamble will play slots. This is by far the most popular gaming vertical today, for a good reason, as slots offer the chance to win big on any given spin. Also, slots have a way of drawing you in and making you forget about everything else but the game, which also serves a useful purpose in these trying times.

Online poker is one activity that saw a really dramatic increase all over the world, as it’s a skill game that offers a lot of excitement, even drama, and it can be safely played from the comfort of your own home – against other humans. This surge in popularity of online poker is unprecedented as operators report that their traffic has, essentially, doubled. Also, the removal of live poker as a viable option has brought even the top live poker players in the world in online poker rooms. Everyone who plays the game is there.

Sports betting is, as you might suspect, on its knees as there are no sporting events to bet on. Everyone involved in sports betting – bookmakers, professional players, bookmaker employees, clerks, clubs that depend on sponsorship from bookmakers – are all really hurt by this crisis. It remains to be seen how badly damaged will bookmakers and everyone else emerge from this crisis. Or will sports never be the same again? So far, all bookmakers have shifted to virtual sports, but this isn’t the answer.