Casino Bonuses

How to claim a casino bonus

For a football bloke such as yourself, online gambling and online casinos may be new territory. In this article we’ll explain exactly how do you claim one of the Best Casino Bonuses available to you.

The process is a bit different than claiming a sports betting bonus, though the main principle is the same. You deposit some money, you get a bonus, and then you must meet the wagering conditions before you’re allowed to withdraw.

This is almost the same as in case of a sports betting deposit bonus where you actually get money. Free bets and risk-free bets are very different than this type of bonus.

When you get your casino bonus, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirements. Normally this will be in the 25x to 40x range, so that’s how many times you have to roll over your deposit, your bonus, or your deposit plus bonus – depending on the casino.

Usually the table games (roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps…) will not be able to contribute to the bonus wagering requirements, so for all practical purposes, casino bonuses are claimed by playing slots.

It is a good idea to choose one of the online slots with a high theoretical return to player (RTP), preferably 96% or better, so you don’t play a game with a high house edge. Also, try to choose a high variance slot that may surprise you with a big win at any time, rather than spending your time grinding a low-variance slot on which you won’t win anything and will just end up losing a small amount due to house edge.

Claiming a casino bonus is not a certain thing – you do need to have some luck with the slot game you’re playing. That’s why it’s important to choose a good one, preferably one you’re already familiar with. It doesn’t have to be a particularly interesting game you’re very fond of, it just needs to play well and hand out decent wins often enough.

When you find such a game – let us know which one is it! We can recommend one of the NetEnt titles such as Zombies or Golden Grimoire. NetEnt slots pay often, but try not to play the low- and medium-variance ones. The slot game needs to be able to pay big on one of the 500+ spins you’ll make while attempting to claim the casino bonus.

Even if you don’t win anything on the slot game you can still make money – you did get free extra money after all – but it’s far better if you use that bonus money to give yourself a chance to win big with a high-variance slot game. That’s why these are preferred, and the conservative approach with a low-variance slot can only lose you money. Plus you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to win something.

Same principle applies to free spins. They’re best used on slots that can pay big if you’re lucky.